Inuheat PowerPacks feature very sophisticated electronics and include a “fuel gauge” that keeps track of how much electrical charge is in each PowerPack. As energy is released to heat your garment, the fuel gauge monitors the energy flow and can very accurately tell you how much remaining time you will have heating power at any given heat setting. This feature is unique to Inuheat and is very accurate. This gives you confidence to go enjoy your cold-weather pursuit without concern that you will run out of heat when you need it.

If you experience problems with charging, make sure you have updated your PowerPacks to the latest version of the firmware.

For instruction of how to update the firmware, please go to the question in this FAQ or to the online user manual.

We recommend using a 2 or 3 Ampere charger for best and fastest result when charging the PowerPacks. A weaker charger like 1 Ampere or less takes does also work but will take longer time.

The software in the PowerPack (firmware) is updated on regular basis for increased functionality and to address any detected problems. Make sure that you use the latest firmware version.

The latest version of the firmware is automatically downloaded to your phone when the Inuheat smartphone app is started and your phone is connected to the internet.

To check if you are running the most current version of the firmware, please take the following steps:
• Start the Inuheat app in your smartphone.
• Start the PowerPack. The PowerPack will show up in the Inuheat app under “Available PowerPacks”.
• Press “Connect”. One of two things will happen:
• If there is a later version of the firmware available than the version currently installed in your PowerPack, then you will be asked to update.

If you don’t get any question about updating, then you have the most current version available and the PowerPack will show up under “Connected PowerPacks”.


Yes. Your heated product has been tested at the factory prior to shipment and is ready to wear. Just make sure you have charged your PowerPacks prior to first use.

We work hard every day to improve this heat system to give you the very best experience using it.
• Make sure to always download the latest app in your smartphone.
• Let the app download the latest firmware to your PowerPacks.

Yes, because when you connect the PowerPack it will recognise the information that is programmed in the RFID-tag hidden inside the connector plate of each sock. The information of left and right will automatically result in the socks being correctly paired in the smartphone app. This is especially important if you wish to individually control the heating power levels in the left vs. right socks. Likewise, some socks are designed for the specific curvature of left and right feet and the placement of the PowerPacks is designed to best fit a right or left leg position.

For socks, washable gloves and other garments, we recommend that you always follow the garment manufacturers’ care instructions. As a supplement to manufacturer’s recommendations, most all Inuheat products can be machine washed at 30°C gentle cycle and low spin cycle (<600 rpm). Place garments in a small wash bag. Do not use bleach or dry clean. Air dry and do not wring out wet garments. Remember to remove the PowerPacks before washing your heated garments.

You can supplement formal washing at any point by doing a simple rinse in the sink to remove any salt crystals caused by sweat. You may also hand or machine wash as often as you want. Follow the garment manufacturers instruction for the product.

We strongly recommend that all heated garments be cleaned at the end of the season to remove dirt and body salts before extended storage.

Prepare the PowerPacks should be prior to storage by:
• Fully chargen the PowerPacks.
• Attach your heated garments, turn them on and run the heat until you reach approximately 80% battery charge.
• Repeat the operation at least every 6th month.

Keep the PowerPacks together with the charger adapter in a warm and dry location, avoiding excessive humidity conditions. The last thing you do after a week of usage or when spring comes, make sure the socks are washed clean and that there is no unnecessary dirt or salt crystals left as they can damage the product over time.

Inuheat partners with your garment manufacturer to select the best heating yarns and heating design patterns for your particular product. For conventional socks, we use soft and knittable heating yarns that can fully surround the toe area (top, bottom and sides) for “around the toes” heating comfort.

Due to the nature of the yarns we use for traditional sock applications, the PowerPack should only be turned on once the socks are on your feet to provide uniform heating and prevent any chance of the heating yarns on the bottom of the sock taking an electical shortcut to the yarns on the top of the sock.

For heated glove and other garment applications, due to using different types of heating yarns that have an electrical coating, these other garments can be turned on while still off the body without issue to pre-warm them up if desired. If you have any questions, please reach out to us at support@support.inuheat.se.

We are knitting the heating element in to the sock so that it will get as close to the skin as possible. The element design is very effective as it runs a lap around the foot putting all the heat at the places were the blood arteries pass closest to the skin. The blood warms up, and brings the warmth in to the toes.


You can find the smartphone app for Android and iOS in the Google Play and the App Store.

System requirements:
• Android: Bluetooth 4 enabled phone with Android 5.0 or later
• iOS: iPhone 4s or later with iOS 7.0 or later

The Boost feature was added to the Inuheat App to give the user an extra 5 minute shot of “bonus” heat when even the highest heat setting isn’t keeping you as comfortable as you would like in extreme conditions. We limit this setting to 5 minutes to make sure that you don’t get overheated and cause any potential harm to your skin due to excessive heat. It is an optional feature and should only be used in very cold conditions as needed.

The optional Motion Control feature in the Inuheat App uses the phone’s accelerometer to know when you are in active motion vs. low/no motion conditions and adjusts the heating power to the user based on activity level. One of the key use cases it was designed for was skiing and snowboarding, where you are inactive waiting for the lift line, but become quite active while downhill skiing or snowboarding. This is one of various times that Motion Control could be a helpful benefit to your outdoor enjoyment. Simply set the heat level for your low-activity period, and the App will instruct your PowerPacks to lower the heat a few levels automatically when it senses that you have moved into your active phase, when you are likely producing your own incremental heat. This feature can save on battery life and keep you from building up excessive heat which can produce sweat and associated conductive heat loss when you become wet inside your clothing layers.