Please fully charge your PowerPack set before first use to help properly calibrate your system. This will ensure the most accurate summary of Battery Charge and Remaining Heating Time in your Inuheat Mobile App.

Connect any USB wall charger or portable power brick to the Inuheat Charger Adapter with the included USB-A to USB-C cable (or a USB-C to USB-C cable).

Attach the PowerPacks to the magnetic Charger Adapter. No other actions are needed and charging will begin automatically. The LED’s flash during charging and turn solid green when fully charged.

You can connect your Charger Adapter to any USB Charger supply. We recommend a 2 or 3 Ampere charger, but a 0,5 or 1 Ampere charger will also work, with longer charging times expected.

LED indications while charging the PowerPacks:

Charging • • •
Charged Steady

The PowerPacks can be left on the charger after charging is completed without risk of damage.

Your garment has been designed to use one of Inuheat’s various types of magnetic connectors to attach the PowerPack to your heated garment.

If your garment has the “Clip” style connector like shown here, push the PowerPack onto the connector until you hear a “click” that confirms the PowerPack is properly attached. It should not move relative to the connector if properly attached.

To remove the PowerPack from the Connector Clip, press down on one of the ears on the side of the Clip and detach the PowerPack from the garment.

If your garment has the thin Plate Connector style like shown below, simply locate the recessed area under the PowerPack and mate it onto the raised connector Plate Bar. You should hear a “click” once the PowerPack is properly seated.

Garments with Connector Plates typically also have a secondary solution to help hold the PowerPack in place during use, such as a fold-over flap, a pocket, a Velcro holder or other design. Use these design aids as well to properly secure your PowerPack prior to use.

The PowerPack is the power source for your Inuheat compatible heated garment. The one-button design is easy to use. With the system’s unique magnetic connector design, no cables or plugs need to be attached.

Control your PowerPack either using the button on the PowerPack or with the Inuheat smartphone app.


• To turn ON the PowerPack – press the button once
• To turn OFF – press and hold the button for 3 seconds
• The heating level are also adjusted with the push button and are set in a “loop” pattern. The sequence of each push of the button is as such:
• Heat Level Low (1 purple LED blink and 1 short vibration)
• Heat Level Medium (2 purple LED blinks and 2 short vibrations)
• Heat Level High (3 purple LED blinks and 3 short vibrations)
• Back to ON/Standby (no heat, one green LED blink and one long vibration)

0 Green •  — (long)
1 Purple •  - (short)
2 Purple • •  - - (short)
3 Purple • • •  - - - (short)

The standby level only uses a small amount of energy, so the PowerPack only need to be turned OFF completely when not to be used for a longer period of time.

The heating can be controlled either by using the button on the PowerPacks or through the smartphone app. The mobile app allows more control and personalized experiences.

Set the Bluetooth function of your smartphone to ON to allow your PowerPack to communicate with your phone.

1. When your PowerPacks are turned ON, they are automatically detected by the Inuheat app and are visible on the home screen in the section Available PowerPacks.

Choose the PowerPacks you want to use by pressing “Connect”.

2. Each PowerPack selected will vibrate once, the LED flashes blue and is visible in the section Connected PowerPacks.

3. When the PowerPacks are attached to the garment, the PowerPacks and the garment will be identified in the section My Heated Clothes.

To set the heating level of your garment: swipe to the left and use the Heat Settings slider.

You will find the following information on the app Heat Control screen.

Global menu: Support, settings, renaming PowerPacks and more.
Time: Time of day
Boost: Press to activate boosted heating power for 5 minutes. Perfect to quickly bring up the heat in the beginning of use, or when you need any extra shot of high heat for very cold conditions. The Boost feature can be turned OFF before the 5 minute timer ends by pressing:
- The Boost button again
- The ON/PAUSE button
- One of the PowerPack buttons

ON/PAUSE: Activates/pauses heating. Press this button to activate the heating.
Heating levels: From 1 to 10 ... adjust the heating level with the slider.
Remaining Time: Calculated heating time based on chosen heating level and current battery charge.
Ending Time: The time of day that the heat ends based on the chosen heating level.

You can access personalized app settings in two locations in the app. Some optional features are accessed by swiping the Heat Control screen up, while other customizable feature options can be found in the Settings area of the Global Menu.

Link/Unlink - Press the chain icon between the left and right apparel images to enable individual left and right heating control.  Press the broken chain icon to pair the heating levels back together.

Information - Review product and care information and  click the link for more information from the garment manufacturer.

Motion Control -  Uses your phone’s accelerometer to match the heating level to your activity level -- more heat when you are standing still and less heat when moving.  Perfect for when you are constantly altering your activity levels, like during skiing or snowboarding.  Set the heating level for your inactive time, and the system automatically lowers the heat when you are active.

Vibrate on call – When activated in the Global Menu Settings area, your PowerPacks will vibrate to intensify the phone vibrations during incoming phone calls. Perfect for when you are in environments where your phone isn’t easily accessible to hear it ring or feel it vibrate.

Rename PowerPack – When you are connected  to a PowerPack on your smartphone you have the option, in the Settings area of the Global Menu, to rename your PowerPacks. This is helpful when you connect to your PowerPacks near others that also use the Inuheat heating system. By renaming your PowerPacks you quickly find your specific PowerPacks to connect to.

As additional features will be added over time, it is a good practice to update your Inuheat App regularly for the best user experience. 

The software in the PowerPack (“firmware”) is updated on a regular basis for increased functionality and performance.  It is important to use the latest available firmware version from Inuheat.

The latest version of the firmware is automatically downloaded to the Inuheat App when your smartphone is connected to the internet.

How to update;
• Open the Inuheat App in your smartphone.
• Turn on your PowerPack.  The PowerPack will be noted in the “Available PowerPacks” section of the Inuheat App.
• Press “Connect.”  One of two things will occur:

1) If there is a newer version of the firmware available than is currently installed on your PowerPack, then you will be asked to update:
Press “Yes” to update.  Keep your phone close to the PowerPack during the update process.
We strongly recommend that you do update your PowerPacks whenever a new version of the firmware is available.  It takes just a few seconds and will provide improvements in new features, better system stability and/or improved safety systems.

2) If you do not receive a pop-up notification of New Firmware Available, then you have the latest version available and the PowerPack will be noted in the “Connected PowerPacks” area of the Inuheat App.

LED Flash pattern when CONNECTED to a smartphone

ON Green •   •   •
ON –App Connected Blue •   •   •

LED Flash pattern when used STAND ALONE without connection to a smartphone

0 Green •   •   •
1 Purple •   •   •
2 Purple ••   ••   ••
3 Purple •••   •••   •••

While Charging the PowerPacks

Charging Yellow/Green •   •   •
Fully charged Green Steady


When not in use, please store your PowerPacks in a cool, dry place avoiding unnecessary temperature extremes (e.g. 5-21°C  or 40-70°F).

To clean, simply wipe down with soap and water.  The units are rated to 60 meters waterproof, so they can be cleaned by hand without risk. During periods of extended storage, we recommend that you fully charge your PowerPacks prior to storage.

At the end of the service life, please dispose of your devices and all product packaging in an environmentally friendly way.  For the PowerPacks and charger adapter, this means using approved electronic and battery waste recycling facilities.

For the packaging, please use standard paper and plastic recycling facilities.  If you have questions, please contact your local authorities for proper disposal recommendations.