Wearable heating
made in Sweden

2013 we set out on a mission to improve comfort and performance of already great apparel for consumers and professionals. This journey has led us to the best heated solution on the market of active wearable heating.

Smartphone app control

The settings can be controlled directly on the heat system PowerPacks, or by using the smartphone app with additional functionality. The app works conveniently with all Inuheat compatible garments from any partner brand. It automatically adapts to partner brand’s graphic profile and feature set up.


Inuheat works with partner brands in many different segments. Each brand’s expertise combined with Inuheat results in added value – meeting a versatile group of end-user requirements on comfort and performance.




Business Professionals



Inuheat is founded with a clear vision to offer the best heated solution on the market of active wearable heating.


Inuheat launched their first product at ISPO with Swedish sock brand Seger. Obtained two approved patent for in-house developed unique yarn and fixation label using RFID technology.

2017 March

Inuheat wins two awards at The Future Textile Awards: "Best Product – Clothing Textiles" & "Groundbreaking partnership".

2017 April

Inuheat receives the Horizon 2020 Seal of Excellence from the European Commission.

2017 August

Inuheat inaugurates their own lab facility with knitting machine, embroidery machine, twist machine, sewing machine and other equipment.

2018 August

Inuheat introduces the Next Generation PowerPack with new design and boosted performance based on microchip technology and latest lithium-ion battery technique.


Vision to have 200 unique partner brand products with Inuheat Wearable Heating Platform on the market.

The Platform


The Heating Element

Smooth comfortable heating yarns enable integration in next-to-skin apparel.

For the best effect, the heating element should be worn close to the skin.

Inuheat has developed a completely new type of heating element – a conductive yarn which can be seamlessly knitted, woven or embroidered into textiles in a cost-effective way, with existing production equipment.

The patented unique, soft, comfortable and functional heating element/yarn is durable and flexible and the element does not break, despite long and active usage. Inuheat ensures quality accreditation of products before and during production. Safety is important and all functions are monitored on a continuous basis. The heating system requires advanced technology for control, which takes place through the microprocessor in Inuheat’s PowerPack.


The PowerPack

The re-chargeable PowerPack fit any Inuheat compatible garments on the market.

The PowerPack is the rechargeable battery together with advanced electronics for control, developed to be compatible with different types of clothing. It uses the latest technology, highest quality and is very user friendly. It is waterproof and utilizes vibration and LED for tactile feedback. It is recharged with standard USB-charging and the heat levels can be controlled both remotely from a Bluetooth 4 enabled smartphone and directly on the pack.

The next generation PowerPack, introduced at ISPO 2018, features:

  • Waterproof and shock resistant HD battery
  • Higher voltage, 15 V, and improved power output, 10 W, vs previous generation
  • Up to 15 hour run-time of battery
  • Smartphone controlled via Bluetooth 4 Low Energy
  • Standard USB-charging
  • Vibration and LED feedback


The App

The intuitive app enhances the user experience and offers simple ways to comfort.

The smartphone app (iOS and Android) enables remote control of the heating system. Heat settings can be adjusted directly on the PowerPack, but the app gives the user even more functions. For example, using the app, the use of heat in the garment can be set on by time, it can be adjusted through patterns of movement. There is also additional functions in combination with the user’s smartphone. Brand profiling is very important for clothes manufacturers. That is why the app flexibly adapts to each brands graphic profile.


Data management

Control manufacturing and learn about your end-user’s behavior.

The Inuheat Wearable Heating Platform network support manufacturing of electronics and garments, and also for end-user communication and support. Information of production, quality tests and statistics is stored in cloud-based databases. This is used in the direct manufacturing process, but also in the aftermarket in communication and customer follow-up. The Inuheat Wearable Heating Platform network consists of iPad-based manufacturing applications used by the manufacturer during production. The app verifies functionality and saves statistics and data in the cloud database.

Our process

First contact

Alignment with brand partner on business opportunity. Proof of concept; Technical feasibility study and establishment of commercial value.

Product Development

Sampling and prototyping. Laboratory and field testing. Verification of product fitness for use. Design and application development.

Supply Chain

Manufacturer set-up and training. SMS and bulk production. Quality assurance. Sourcing and logistics.

Sales and Marketing

Development of marketing plans to support partner brand and retail sell-through to consumers. Execution of marketing plans. Education of retail and consumers. After service.