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Safety instructions

Be careful out there - here's a few valuable recommendations
Please read the entire operating instructions carefully before using the Product.

The PowerPack, Charger Adapter, USB Cable and Inuheat Heat-Ready garments (the Products) are not toys. These Products are not suitable for children. If adults with reduced physical, sensory or mental ability do use the Products, they should do so only under strict adult supervision and after being instructed on the safe operation of the Products.
The Products should not be used by any persons with impaired skin sensitivity. Persons that cannot properly feel or react to heat and cold (e.g., individuals with diabetes, individuals with special needs, etc.) should not use the Products without the approval of a qualified physician.
It is recommended to set the Products’ heating level such that you do not actually feel the heating effect after the first few minutes of wear. The goal of your heated Product is to replace the heat lost through your clothing system, not to build up extra heat which can lead to sweating, and can, in extreme situations, lead to burns. As such, it is recommended to run your heating system at the lowest comfortable heat setting for safest operation, highest comfort and longest battery life.
Check your skin routinely during and after Product use to confirm there are no signs of irritation or burning.
Do not allow conductive materials to touch the heating yarns in heated sock Products.
Only use the Products when on a person’s body (e.g., socks on feet, gloves on a hands).
The charger adapter is designed for indoor use only and must not be exposed to humidity.
Check your Products regularly for signs of wear and tear or system anomalies. If you suspect a problem, contact Inuheat’s Customer Service Team for troubleshooting guidance: www.inuheat.com/support.
Damaged PowerPacks, Charger Adapters or USB cables must be retired from service and properly disposed of immediately. Never attempt to modify or repair the components in the heat system or your heated apparel.
Keep the PowerPacks away from fire and extremely high temperatures.
The Products are not certified for use in medical applications.
Do not use Inuheat heated products around avalanche beacons. Electrically heated products and their electronics can severely interfere with the performance of avalanche beacons, negatively impacting your ability to conduct a search and/or to be located.
Do not use Inuheat heated products near pacemakers.
Inuheat is not responsible for any consequences—direct, indirect, and/or accidental—or any other type of damage or inconvenience arising or resulting from the use of its products. You are responsible for your actions and activities, and for any consequence that may arise or result from them.

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